Understanding your hair loss: When to be concerned?

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The subject of hair loss can be a touchy subject for many people, men as well as women, since many of those losing their hair will not want to be doing so – and not want it to be discussed.

However, while hair loss in men becomes increasingly apparent after the age of 50, half of all men will have lost or will begin to lose their hair by this age, it’s still important to know what level of hair loss is normal. Also, you may be wanting to know when you should be concerned about your hair loss. Indeed, you may be searching the Internet to find out what the average hair loss should be expected every day and if there’s a diet you can follow to reduce your hair loss.

While the searches indicate you are concerned about your hair loss and what causes you to lose your hair, the information being sought will also help you identify any potential hair loss concerns.

Cause for hair loss

When researching the cause for hair loss, there may be something else responsible for the loss of hair including stress and even a drastic loss in weight. For women, childbirth can lead to a loss of hair. There’s also the issue of illness, changes in your body as well as hormonal changes.

Essentially, it’s a normal process of growing hair to shed a little bit, even more than normal occasionally. This is not an indication that you may be losing too much. This is simply your body reacting to conditions that are not usual but this should not be a cause for concern since your body will readjust to normal hair loss levels.

Reasons for hair loss

The reasons for hair loss are varied but do include issues such as genetics, harsh hair products, a change in medication and even the physical pulling of your hair. These can cause hair loss and potentially leave you with bald spots which either will not grow back or take a longer to return. For many people, the loss of hair can be a devastating experience but it can be reversible if it involves illness or medication.

However, if you are losing hair because of genetics then it is likely this could be permanent but you could begin using hair growth products and procedures that are currently available on the market to stem the loss. It’s also important that you follow a healthy diet since there are various food that may help prevent hair loss.

Concerns about losing your hair

There’s no doubt that many people who are experiencing hair loss or believe they are losing their hair excessively, may have concerns and are looking to speak with an expert.

For an effective way of finding out why you may be losing your hair, then it’s possible to undertake a free consultation with a specialist who will be able to diagnose the reasons for your hair loss and put together a plan of action to return your hair to its full glory; this may include hair transplantation, non surgical procedures and even laser hair therapy.

Contact Landmark Hair today to organise your free hair loss consultation which is the first step to resolving hair loss.

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