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What Is Low Level Laser Therapy?

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) is an effective, non-invasive hair loss treatment. It involves directing beams of light at the balding areas of your scalp to trigger hair follicle cell activity and blood flow to promote hair growth. You’ll need a series of short treatments, each of which is completely painless.

LLLT Patient Success Stories

About Low Level Laser Therapy

How Does Low Level Laser Therapy Work?

Low level laser therapy involves using concentrated light beams to trigger hair follicle cell activity and blood flow to the scalp. During the treatment, low frequency lasers are directed at your balding or thinning areas for approximately 30 minutes. The process is repeated over several sessions.

LLLT is completely pain-free, so it’s a good option for those who are worried about the discomfort involved in surgical hair loss treatments.

Who Is Low Level Laser Therapy For?

Low level laser therapy is especially popular with people in the early stages of hair loss. As well as helping those with pattern baldness, it can also be used to treat patients with alopecia areata and other hair loss conditions.

LLLT can also be combined with hair transplantation to encourage healing and hair growth after FUE or FUT.

Is LLLT Permanent?

LLLT doesn’t lead to permanent hair regrowth. You’ll need continued treatments to maintain new growth, or supplementation with medical therapy like Minoxidil.

Is LLLT Permanent?

LLLT doesn’t lead to permanent hair regrowth. You’ll need continued treatments to maintain new growth, or supplementation with medical therapy like Minoxidil.

LLLT Aftercare

LLLT is a relatively low maintenance hair loss treatment. Unlike other therapies, you can resume most normal activities immediately after treatment. But there are things you can do to get the best results:

-Lucy Fuiza's Success Story

"I feel so much more confident since getting LLLT."

“Working in the beauty industry, I had started to feel self-conscious about my hair as I’d started thinning around my hairline and parting. I feel so much more confident since getting LLLT for my hairline at Landmark Hair Clinic. I noticed improvements after just a few treatments, and now I can style my hair however I like without worrying that people are going to notice or comment on my hair.”

How much does LLLT treatment cost?

At the Landmark Hair Clinic, low level laser therapy prices start at £139 per month. The ultimate cost of your treatment will depend on the number of sessions you need, and the extent of your hair loss. We also provide low level laser therapy devices for home use.

General LLLT FAQs

Low level laser therapy is a completely pain-free procedure. There’s no need for needles, local anaesthetic, or any type of invasive surgery. The seat and LLLT machine can be adjusted for your comfort.

You may not see optimum benefits from LLLT if the lasers used are too powerful, or if you expose the follicles to LLLT treatment for too long in each session. However, it’s usually safe to have several 30-minute sessions of LLLT without negative side effects.

LLLT is a very low-risk procedure. Side effects are rare, but may include dry skin, scalp irritation, itchiness or tenderness, or a feeling of warmth on the scalp.

Most patients have one LLLT treatment session per week for around six months. The number of sessions may be reduced or extended depending on your response to the treatment.

LLLT is successful in more than 80% of patients.

Why Choose Landmark Hair Clinic?

The Landmark Hair Clinic uses only the most successful hair restoration methods, including cutting edge low level laser therapy. Combining this with the best possible patient care, you’re sure to get the results you want.

Our surgical team comprises some of the top surgeons and technicians in the country. No matter which treatment you choose, we’ll help you regrow your hair and restore your confidence.

Prioritising patient care

Prioritising patient care

- Mohamed

“Thanks to Landmark Hair Clinic for my hair restoration. They gave me lots of support and help throughout the process so I always had confidence in the team.”

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Landmark Hair Clinic offers comprehensive solutions for all kinds of hair loss. So no matter why you’re losing hair, we can help you find the right treatment combination. We tailor all our recommendations to give you the best possible chances of long-lasting hair restoration.

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