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What Is A Hair Replacement System?

A hair replacement system (also known as a hair unit) is a type of wig that’s often used to disguise hair loss. These realistic hair systems attach to your scalp using tape or glue, so they stay in place and give you natural-looking results that are indistinguishable from your own hair.

About Hair Replacement Systems

How Do Hair Replacement Systems Work?

Hair replacement systems are made of real human hair (or, in some cases, artificial hair) that’s carefully woven into a base cap. Your hair system specialist will match your hair unit to your natural hair colour, texture, and curl pattern, ensuring a completely natural finish.

The base is then attached to your scalp with skin-safe glue or tape to keep it in place. When the hair system is attached, you can wash, style, and wear it however you like.

Who Are Hair Replacement Systems For?

Hair replacement systems are most often used by people with extensive hair loss across the top of the scalp. That’s because you’ll need to fully shave the area to be covered in order to affix the base cap to your scalp.

People with male pattern baldness, alopecia areata, and other hair loss conditions can all use hair replacement systems. If you have a sensitive scalp, check with your trichologist to make sure the tape or glue is safe for you.

Do Hair Systems Give Permanent Results?

No, hair replacement systems won’t disguise your hair loss permanently. With the right care, your hair unit may last up to a year, but you’ll need to reattach it regularly and eventually replace it.

Do Hair Systems Give Permanent Results?

No, hair replacement systems won’t disguise your hair loss permanently. With the right care, your hair unit may last up to a year, but you’ll need to reattach it regularly and eventually replace it.

Caring For Your Hair System

Prolong the lifespan of your hair replacement system with careful maintenance and upkeep from day one. Landmark Hair Clinic will help you care for your hair system, but you can also follow these tips:

How much does a hair system cost?

Hair replacement system prices at the Landmark Hair Clinic start at £295. This includes ongoing maintenance advice, as well as an expert consultation to find the right match for your hair type.

General Hair System FAQs

Yes, you can safely get your hair system wet in the shower or swimming pool. Just make sure there are gaps between the adhesive to let any water drain out from under the hair unit. Take care with a bleached or coloured hair system, as chlorine and other chemicals may alter its shade.


Yes, you can safely wear a hair system to bed without needing to remove or adjust it.

Hair beneath a hair system still grows. Breathable base cap materials like lace allow hair to grow through the unit, so it won’t prevent any hair growth.


However, natural hair growth can make your hair system lift. If this happens, you’ll need to reshave your scalp and reattach your hair system.

– Instant results.
– Suitable for various types of hair loss.
– Non-invasive fitting and instalment.
– Lower upfront costs than a hair transplant.
– Reversible if you’re unhappy with results.

– No permanent hair regrowth.
– Ongoing costs to preserve and replace your hair system.
– Overnight hair changes will be highly noticeable by others.
– Hair loss may get worse due to strong adhesives.

Why Choose Landmark Hair Clinic?

We offer the best possible patient care and the highest quality hair restoration techniques at all our facilities. With tailored recommendations, an expansive suite of treatments, and skilled, professional staff, you’ll get excellent hair restoration results when you choose Landmark Hair Clinic.

Hair replacement systems are just one of our many options for treating your hair loss. Our team will help you find the right solution.

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Affordable world-class hair loss treatments

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