Solutions to end hair loss

Rob - before and after hair transplant surgery
Rob - before and after hair transplant surgeryFor those who struggle with male or female pattern baldness, then the issue of hair loss is a subject of great concern. That’s because pattern baldness can be a troubling condition with hair being lost at the temples and on top of the head. However, there are solutions, including hair transplant and hair loss treatments.
It also needs to be appreciated that, contrary to common perception, hereditary baldness does not necessarily mean that a son will go bold if his father has done so.

Also, an excess amount of male hormone may also cause hair loss though there are also other issues, such as poor nutrition, pollution and stress which can help accelerate baldness.

Indeed, for someone who is struggling with stress, they will lose their hair at twice the speed of a normal person who is not struggling with stress.

Dietary supplements taken to help prevent hair loss

So, what dietary supplements can be taken to help prevent hair loss?
Landmark Hair Growth Products – Hair Growth Dietary Supplements
Hair Growth Dietary Supplements

For many people, the taking of a dietary supplement and also the external application of hair loss solutions will probably not prevent baldness from continuing. However, there are several solutions to help those struggling with hair loss and baldness and the most popular one is to have hair transplantation surgery.

A hair transplant will see a surgeon graft hair from a healthy part of the person’s head and then transplanting the hair to the bald area. This is where the name comes from. However, there needs to be enough donor hairs and follicles for a hair transplant to work effectively.

Those who have male or female pattern balding are often the best candidates for a hair transplant.

For anyone struggling with hair loss or baldness, then it’s time to speak with the experts at Landmark Hair for a no obligation consultation to find out which of the potential hair loss solutions will be most suitable for you.

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