Will A Hair Transplant Solve Hair Loss For me?

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Hair loss solution: Hair Transplants, Will it work for me?Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to the question about ‘will a hair transplant solve hair loss work for me?’ because we are all different. Also, here at Landmark Hair we pride ourselves on our professional service and will tailor our offering to meet your hair loss needs.

Indeed, this will mean undergoing a no obligation and free consultation where a diagnosis will be made by specialist about the reasons for your hair loss or baldness.

It’s at this point the specialist will be able to determine what the right treatment will be for delivering the right results. This may mean, for example, that a hair transplant to resolve hair loss may indeed be the best course of action. However, there are also other potential solutions available and the specialist will be able to discuss these which may include hair regrowth products, laser therapy, quick fixes and hair disguising products.

If you are considering a hair transplant, then it’s important that you research the issue thoroughly and also speak with professionals and we will offer advice about guiding you through the process.

Types of hair transplants

So, what types of hair transplants are available?

The most popular hair transplant technique used today is known as FUE, or Follicular Unit Extraction (some also know it as FUE harvesting).

This method will see a surgeon removing individual follicular units which consist of one to four hairs plus the follicle. These are then grafted into the recipient area using tiny punctures into the scalp.The aim is to create a consistent and realistic final hair pattern so the follicles will sit in a predetermined density and pattern and be angled for natural looking hair.

A hair transplant under FUE will take just one day of surgery, though this is dependent on the number of grafts needed, and is carried out under local anaesthetic.

Hair loss solution: Hair Transplants, Will it work for me?

Another popular method for hair transplant is known as strip harvesting. This is a better choice for those who require more grafts to fill a larger area. Again this will take one day surgery and is carried out under local anaesthetic.

It’s important to appreciate that hair loss treatment does not have to be a scary process and while in years gone by the success rate for hair transplants was considered to be low and expensive, that’s no longer the case.

Indeed, using the Landmark Hair diagnosis we will offer the right treatment to help guarantee a success rate of 95%. It’s important to appreciate that we will be offering help and support at every step of your journey and our medical team of experts are happy answering questions and concerns you may have.

But don’t just take our word for the excellent level of service and success our clients enjoy; there are some impressive success stories using the Landmark Hair process and the pictures will show that the final results leave natural looking hair.

If you would like to know more about hair transplants or indeed undergo a free consultation to diagnose a potential solution, then speak with the helpful Landmark Hair team to organise this.

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